Plan the Work Properly and Complete Pre‑Work Tasks

Start Promptly and Meet Project Milestones

Finish Safely, on Time, and Within Budget

Committed to Safety and Service Excellence

Sitek Omni Services, LLC was founded, with the desire to return to our grassroots where safety ranks first priority, along with providing professional and reliable service excellence.

We aspire to create lasting client relationships with each project we perform while developing levels of trust that allow clients to have peace of mind, knowing that we are committed to performing the work they have entrusted with us safely and within schedule and budget constraints.

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Our personnel expertise includes work in office buildings, retail spaces, warehouse buildings, government facilities, military bases, hospitals, school districts, airports, shopping centers and industrial plants.

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Our overall goal of providing service excellence requires a hands-on approach through all aspects of the work, from planning to completion, in order to match client desires with the final project results.

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Past Projects

Our founders’ portfolio includes the successful completion of over $500 million worth of abatement and demolition work.

Get the Job Done Safely

Committed to Safety

Safety is the highest priority. As such, it is the first overriding aspect of a successful project. No other success can compensate for a lack of safety or injury to the crew or the public.

With that in mind, we have invested heavily in hiring top-level supervisors, foremen, and other employees within our industries.

While safety focus and goals begin with management, everyone has a part, and we emphasize a team approach to safety efforts. Sitek Omni Services, LLC personnel have a long industry track record of the safe accomplishment of projects.

The safety details on projects are the most important, and each project is viewed and planned through the prism of safety adherence.

Our “Job Hazard Analysis” (JHA) worksheets allow all levels of the project team to be engaged in identifying potential hazards during each workday and applying ideas to aid and assist in the prevention of each identified hazard while also providing documentation of each meeting, facilitating a smooth project close-out process with the proper paperwork readily available.

Our Experience Modification Rating is excellent, and we all are expected to work very hard to keep it that way.

We work closely with clients and other on-site contractors to identify potential hazards and mitigate those hazards through proper planning and strict compliance with established regulations.

Our Services

  • Asbestos Abatement
  • Lead Abatement
  • Microbial Remediation
  • Selective, Structural, and Site Demolition
  • Universal Waste
  • Emergency Response